Nonverbal Cues

Once I'm done with kindergarten, I'm going to find me a wife. --Tom (age 5)

Vivian put the moves on Victor. He resisted her at first, then warmed to her advances. By the time Kate resurfaced the next year on a fishing boat, Victor and Viv were in love. --Days of Our Lives (Soap Opera Digest synopsis, May 2, 2000, p. 48)

Nonverbal negotiation. To send and receive messages in an attempt to seek someone's favor or love.

Usage: In all cultures, human beings attain the closeness of sexual intimacy through courtship, a slow negotiation, based on exchanges of nonverbal cues and words. All vertebrates from reptiles to primates reproduce through mating--via internal fertilization of the female's body. Through its five phases (see LOVE SIGNAL), courtship is the means by which two people close the physical gap and emotional distance between them to become a loving pair.

Prehistory. The word court traces to the ancient, Indo-European root, gher-, "to grasp, enclose."

See also RAPPORT.

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